Affiliate vs Client SEO – Pros and Cons

Those looking to get into SEO are often confused about where to start. They often wonder if they should start taking on clients, or if try to rank their own websites.

Add in different categories such as rank and rent, ecommerce, affiliate networks, cpa, etc.. and you can get confused pretty quickly.

Truthfully, I have been there before and can offer my honest recommendation for anyone looking to get started with SEO.

My first piece of advice : Pick something and stick to it. The two tried and true methods are affiliate SEO and client SEO. Other methods will still work, but are harder to get into, and require more specialization.

Here are some pros and cons for both affiliate and client SEO.

Affiliate SEO


  • You are your own boss and don’t answer to anyone, you can set your own hours, etc..
  • Can be more “autopilot” once the revenue starts coming in
  • Easy to expand and increase conversions and once you get going
  • Less stress dealing with other people(tough clients, etc)
  • Less stress with TAT(SEO can take time, you know that, but your clients often don’t)


  • Reliant on ad networks
  • Profits can be unreliable and diminish with a Google update
  • High startup time/costs

Client SEO


  • Immediate cash
  • Easy to move into other projects due to constant cash flow
  • Can acquire huge clients leading to huge $$$$$ quickly
  • Safer business model


  • Clients can be impatient or stressful
  • Limited income monthly per client
  • Need good management procedures to scale

I hope this helps you make your decision. I sure wish I had this information when I was first starting but I’m glad I can give back to the community now.

If you have additional questions or are interested in our SEO services please reach out, we would absolutely love to hear from you.