About Us

Digital Marketing: absolutely essential, yet extremely misunderstood.

Hi, I’m Jason Smyth of Smyth Marketing. I understand what it’s like to be confused when it comes to digital marketing.

I was a roofing contractor 12 years ago and had awful experiences hiring SEO and digital marketing services from multiple agencies.

I can’t be too mad though, as those experiences gave me the motivation to learn SEO and digital marketing for myself. I’ve now had a digital marketing agency for 10 years, and have helped numerous large and small clients to succeed with their businesses.

At Smyth Marketing we promise transparency and honesty. No BS, no shady tactics, and 100% communication. Those are the principles that my marketing agency was founded on, and I believe that we are so successful today because we have stuck to them.

If you’re interested in an estimate, more information, or a consultation please feel free to reach out. The contact form is the best way to reach me as emails directly sync with an app on my phone.

I look forward to your success!