Social Media’s Impact In 2018

Is social media worth the time? Is it worth the hassle of creating accounts and trying to grow them? Will social media accounts help my business? Do I need a social media manager?

These are questions I hear all the time at Smyth Marketing.

Social media has a huge impact in today’s world. It’s almost impossible to […]

Affiliate vs Client SEO – Pros and Cons

Those looking to get into SEO are often confused about where to start. They often wonder if they should start taking on clients, or if try to rank their own websites.

Add in different categories such as rank and rent, ecommerce, affiliate networks, cpa, etc.. and you can get confused pretty quickly.

Truthfully, I have been there […]

SEO: The On-Page vs Off-Page Debate

When it comes to SEO, the internet is a fiery hell-storm of debate. There are “SEO pros” who will charge you $100 for a front page ranking, only to spam your website with horrible backlinks and tactics that get your website penalized.

At Smyth Marketing our motto is slow and steady. We factor in all sorts […]